Being a homeowner or a business owner is full of tough decisions and one of the hardest decisions is knowing who to trust with your repairs, updates and remodels. Finding reliable professionals can be a grueling task with too many unknown possibilities. With experience, passion and reputation, Green Hut Builders, Inc. is your answer.

High Standards, Exceptional Taste

These are just a few words that summarize why choosing Green Hut Builders, Inc. is the right decision. We believe in more than just exceeding standards, we believe in setting the standard with our professionalism, timely work, cost effective choices and exceptional taste and knowledge of all the current and traditional styles.

Local Owner

Being a local owner means that every project is important and significant no matter the size since every customer, supplier or co-worker is a neighbor and friend. I grew up in the South Bay and the quality and environment of the area is more than just important to me… It is home.

Whole Team

Green Hut Builders, Inc. is a team not only in itself, but also and importantly with each and every customer.  From the first phone call to the last sweeping of dust, when you hire us you will work with an entire team of professionals. From concept to conception, your team will work with you get the project done on time, within budget and as promised.

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